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    ShopBestCarefully crafted by the experienced R & D team of nearly a hundred people, five years, combined with cloud computing and virtualization platform, professional functions and leading technology platform for enterprises to build a strong online sales and brand image。
    the Advantages of ShopBest
    Safe, efficient, stable

    1、Based on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform development, enterprise-class applications.

    2、Product features Ajax settings, faster response, better shopping experience.

    3、New key storage mechanism, let your store data more secure.

    4、Innovative multi-threading automation tasks, to make your shop more efficient management.

    5、Strict control department permission settings, so your operational management responsibilities clearer, more secure business data.

    Easy to install, scalable, flexibility

    1、ShopBest Independent mall system is easy to install, quick to build stores in just five minutes to get.

    2、ShopBest Independent mall system is easy to set up, payment, logistics, customer support, and other basic settings easily get up shop.

    3、ShopBest Independent mall system is easy decoration, operation, personalized fashion, so you want to change very quickly.

    4、ShopBest Independent Mall system scalability, easy enterprise information integration.

    5、ShopBest Has a flexible the commodity architecture system can meet various industry diversification of product attributes.

    Easy to promote, save money, and effort, worry

    1、Practical and effective search engine solutions, to help you quickly improve your site's ranking, and promote cost savings.

    2、Directly in place of the overall promotional solutions to help you retain customers and increase sales.

    3、E-mail marketing, the precise place, quickly and efficiently, rapidly enhance user acceptance and secondary purchase rate.

    4、SMS marketing, spread fast and wide impact, low-cost, effective to enhance user loyalty and desire to purchase.

    5、Share and win-win promotion model, so each partner to become your promoters, rapid increases in sales.

    ShopBest Apply to all sectors
    From physical to virtual product, from industry professionals to department stores, from domestic to foreign trade, and all of them can use the powerful the ShopBest network mall system.

    1、ASP.net 2.0 C# Language DIV+CSS

    2、MS SQL 2005 Database

    3、Pseudo-static technology

    4、AJAX Technology

    6、SEO Technology

    7、Template separation

    Cloud technology
    The cloud technology is the use of high-speed Internet transmission capability, the user data and services are placed in the "network cloud", as long as there is an Internet terminal users can. Cloud technology to a variety of terminal connection, to provide users with a wide range of active, highly personalized service. With cloud technology, not only can save users time, it enables the cost of Internet applications drop Bacheng.
    Mobile Internet
    Mobile Internet, mobile communications and Internet both combine integrally. The Internet has created economic mythology, and China now has 700 million mobile phone users, the tentacles to hit the mobile e-commerce, ShopBest also support the establishment of mobile e-commerce, so that you have both the most mature Internet business opportunities, and also has a user largest commercial field.
    ShopBest Mall systemDownload

    Program version: ShopBest V2012.2, officially version


    Language:Simplified Chinese

    File Size:20Mb

    System Requirements:Windows Server 2003/2008

    + IIS6.0 Above / .NET 2.0

    Database requirements:MS SQL2005/2008/2010

    Case Study
    Hypermarkets type

    Laomacai Mall

    Food Network City

    Fanke Convenience store

    Convenience chain

    Chaojie Area

    Supermarkets, department stores

    Store type

    Shantou Mall

    Supermarkets, department stores

    Zitengyuan Flower shop

    Floral Gift

    Xinqi Mall

    Digital home appliances

    Flamini toy store

    Toys and Gifts

    Men's clothing store

    Apparel clothing

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