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*The above data from CNNIC published the "30th China Internet Development Survey Report 2012 Chinese Internet users search behavior study".
A.apparel industry solution

Garment industry network of direct sales e-commerce platform is an integrated product sales, product management, marketing and sales information entry, data statistical analysis, marketing, customer relationship management module operating platform. Therefore, the development and implementation of the system function should satisfy the needs of long-term business operation and maintenance.


Traditional channels clothing sales management is already quite mature characteristics for apparel products, platforms need to pay attention to two points:

First, have multiple colors and sizes, with a clothing sales management module on the size, color management should be strengthened and refined;

Second, the clothing product display skills should be the development of models show direction. Enhance the shopping experience through clearer, more user-friendly, multi-angle Products, make up the remote commodity purchase the lack of lack of intuitive, promote sales reached.

B.Toy industry solutions
The toy industry, manufacturers, branding the main trade enterprises to sell mainly characterized by a large number of products, fast update. How online e-commerce toy industry characteristics, is a larger challenge, the sample management system for the internal interface integrated seamlessly internal management and online e-commerce combined. Establish a distributed network mechanisms to suit different areas of large-scale data updates to be synchronized with the online shopping mall.
C.Large supermarkets solutions
Large supermarket with a competitor, has evolved into the competition in the information technology, Wal-Mart is undoubtedly the best in the industry. However, the high degree of integration of information technology, based on e-commerce as a carrier. How large shopping malls to move to cheaper, more competitive network operators, all major shopping malls will indisputable fact.
D.Convenience store chain solutions

The convenience store chain convenience:

1.The convenience of the distance. Under normal circumstances, the consumers out of the door after 5 to 10 minutes walk away.

2.Shopping convenience. Emphasize the immediate consumption, small volume, much-needed and other characteristics. Customers from the end of the average time of just three minutes into the convenience store to the payment.

3.The convenience of the time. Opening hours for 16 to 24 hours, all year round.

4.Service convenience. Many convenience stores will be molded into community service centers, and efforts to provide customers with multi-level service.


Has entered the e-commerce based on the realization of e-commerce.

E.Digital Appliance solution

Tesco Suning, Gome Kuba and Jingdong successful model of the network, so the industry vibration scared.

High-quality, low-cost inventory and purchase channels is obvious characteristics of digital home appliances industry.

Their promotional special events update frequency and preferential attractive. If you do not enter the e-commerce, to conduct land will be lost.

ShopBest,It is quick to let you success in e-commerce wave push hands.

F.Online Florist solutions

For the special case of the the online florist General orderer and the consignee non same person, the system can preset multiple consignee address information provided.

• Feel free to order processing orderer and the consignee sends a confirmation SMS or Short Message

• Integrate powerful content management system demonstrated by the rich in the form of a large number of flowers and flowers of knowledge, information, and other information

• Provide the associated shopping guide information function, easy with the sale of greeting cards and matching gift

• Multi-attribute commodity, multi-style merchandise support

• Variety classification of goods, you can set a variety of flowers and shopping guide classification

• Featured and powerful members of the center, to give the customer a good shopping experience

• The user permissions separation of large online florist meet customer collaboration management site requirements

• The multiple commodity price management

• The presentation layer of the multi-layered structure directly with the data layer interaction of multiple security measures

G.Phone monopoly solution
Mobile digital industry is very similar to the appliance industry, has now become a mature online shopping mode, while the the ShopBest just is the best partner for you carry the phone monopoly sales.
H.Foreign Trade Enterprise Solutions

The structure of foreign trade enterprises and products are for exports, but the economic crisis after another, so that the profit margins of foreign trade has greatly reduced, or even loss.

Brand, international payments, is also a major screen Jin Jian and in the international community can not stand. The ShopBest all can solve these problems. Let it possible to do international brands.

I.Integrated portal solutions

Comprehensive portal mall, consider not just e-commerce, and at the same time as a public channel, customers buying habits from training customer, have a complete system.

For large systems, ShopBest according to actual needs, development more competitive function modules.

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