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1、Register / Login

Consumers How to Join Login


2、Shopping Process

Consumer goods shopping and shopping process


3、Buy process

How consumers buy and buy process



Consumers how integral the usefulness of the exchange and integration


5、Online Customer Service Consulting

Consumers how to use the online customer service and consulting


6、Promotional activities

How consumers view the promotional activities



1、Product was added to

Managers how to make product was added to our catalog sale


2、Buy shelves

Managers how to make items to buy on behalf of shelves



Redeem managers how to manage


4、Advertising posters Replacement

Managers how to replace the ads and posters of the page


5、Classification add

Managers how to add a classified


6、Category Navigation Settings

Category managers how to set


7、Sharing platform

How to share this mall


8、Online Service

Managers how to negotiate through the online customer service and consumer


9、Order Processing

ow managers view orders and order management

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