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Frequently Asked Questions

1、I would like to ask, what's ShopBest?

A: ShopBest is to help you to quickly set up online sales platform independent Mall B2C model system.


2、The ShopBest Is doing what

A: The online shop system we have developed to help retail the wholesale enterprises establish online shop, function and design websites and develop customized according to customer requirements; shop system including Products, categories, shopping cart, online payment and website management major function.


3、The ShopBest and other similar software what difference does it make?

A: (1) rule-based permissions control; (2) a rich program of promotional activities; (3) reusable pictures; (4) detailed and comprehensive search engine optimization; (5) a combination of the original query; (6) multi-mode user way to shop.


4、What people can use the ShopBest it

A: want to build their own online sales platform may be an individual, company.


5、ShopBest template can be custom template free

A: The template can customize reference to the ShopBest help document you can easily modify the template; official templates are free and can be downloaded for free use.


6、How to buy your company's online store system

A: In our shop system, the two sides signed a purchase contract -> pay a deposit of 40% -> receive a contract and then pay 60%.


7、Does your shop system is permanently free upgrade ? Permanent aftermarket What ?

A: You can permanently free upgrade; aftermarket is not permanent, year-on-year to renew buy 1 year after-sales service 1 year.


8、Taobao shop used the ShopBest to establish the difference between independent Mall

A: (1) with ShopBest establish Mall, can have its own independent domain name, has its own shop standard, has its own brand, the appearance of the page, their payment interface, its own shopping cart. All will be able to reflect their own image and strength. Will not let customers think you are an individual or a small shop, to enhance the trust of your customers;


(2) with ShopBest establish Mall, your database, your order information, your customers, your products are independent, and do not have on others platforms;


(3) the ShopBest establish mall, your input is fixed, software spending disposable. Shop in the platforms of others, either pay in accordance with the Open, the longer pay more. Pay some of the transactions, the greater the trading volume, the more your expenses. Therefore, only own shop, your expenses in order to control their own costs to a minimum;


(4) the ShopBest establish mall, you promote your own domain name. Shop on the platform, you worked hard to publicize sucked your customers to this platform, the equivalent in hard for others to publicize their efforts in exchange for the popularity of the platform;


(5). The ShopBest establish Mall, your customer is your own. Shop on the platform, your customers and your competitors shared. Accidentally, your hard-earned development customers become your competitors;


(6) If you are a business, the need to establish their own independent Mall. All this will be reflected in your corporate image.


9, ShopBest support those payment methods

A: ShopBest supports all common payment methods, including Paypal, easy to pay through a good share (AllBuy) Epro (YeePay), and Epro (YeePay) Shenzhouxing, money paid through intermediaries protection TenPay Prompt arrival, Pui Bao payment (PayPal), Paypal personal two-way interface. Also supports the bank transfer, cash on delivery, payment of pre-deposit. If you do not support payment, the official free development.


10、Can I make changes for the foreground website layout, or beautify

A: Yes, as long as you have a web design basis. According to their own requirements and follow the the ShopBest mall system structure, beautify or modify, and reconfiguration of. Also can request our technical assistance when they encounter problems.


11、I can add to my online store features or custom functionality.?

A: ShopBest collection of essential functionality of your online store. If you would like to add other functions, please contact us, our technical team will endeavor to address your needs. Us your needs. Navigation can custom External links to enhance the functionality of your mall.


12、I can ask you to give me certain modifications.?

A: Yes, we have in this business. If your request is simple and does not require complex and time. We will give you free deal. On the contrary, it is reasonable charges will be based on your needs.


13、Your shopping system, if want to add some of their own functions, how do?

A: The principle: simple, does not consume energy and time to increase or modify our free; Conversely, complex, add or modify the functionality of the more time-consuming, negotiation bargaining. No technical content of labor, it is recommended that users themselves.


14、Can use their original domain.?

A: Yes, all mall are independent, using DNS with ShopBest independent mall system, you can easily resolve your original domain name you ShopBest independent Mall system bound virtual host or server.


15、I do not understand anything, and how to open shop?

A: no. Our shop system installation as well as the background to use are in line with the principle of non-professionals to build, if you still do not know how to install or for other reasons, as long as by QQ or phone contact. Our technical staff will be completed within a very short time.


16、After the payment, how long you can open shop How I source?

A: Online payment source (you can run the code and database) can buffet download. Of our representatives can also be the first time linked to you can also be the source code through QQ, EMAIL other forms sent to you. About how long to open the shop, in fact, as long as you the source code to the server can already be accessed through your domain name and use, and is so simple.


17、If your company went out of business, your company how to do for us to develop the website?

A: First of all, Micronet is a company with strong competitiveness and development, we are confident that more and more stronger. Secondly, in our formal cooperation, we will sign a contract similar situation occurs in accordance with the contract for a full refund.


18、Assume that after one year, I need to upgrade or what company you just do not do this, who are going to deal with this system?

A: In case this happens, we will source code to the client (client must ensure that the code is not provided to third parties), and the company promises to still provide technical support and server management in this case.


19、We are very focused on the promotion of the shop, I ask the ShopBest in this regard give us?

A: Our Company is an to ShopBest independent Mall system comprehensive search engine optimization, website customer can get a good ranking by the search engines to crawl. Greatly improve the effect of network promotion, and save an enormous amount of network promotion costs for businesses. Meanwhile, we also provide value-added extension services such as Google, Baidu.


20, after the to purchase the ShopBest Independent mall system, there will be training in the use of this?

A: (1) if it is convenient to our company, we will arrange for the professional and technical personnel training; (2) by Instant Messenger online guidance, online training; (3) guidance by telephone; (4) we provide detailed The help documentation.


21、LOGO on the website and advertising images can be replaced with your own?


A: Yes. The customers themselves can be modified in the Admin is very convenient; online can upload local images or remote images.


22、ShopBest independent Mall system specific operating technical requirements.?

A: the ShopBest a separate mall system of user experience has done a very good, simple operation, do not need to use the technology requirements, so long as typing can be. If you need to modify the template need to understand the technology of the template.


23、Default data in the system should be how to deal with?

A: the ShopBest mall System database default data: Member Level Payment Home page ads, the basic system information, system menu, the list of templates, templates, content, e-mail configuration, as well as provinces and cities, these default information, remind users must not be deleted.


24、E-mail how to set up

A: The the mailing service must be a cross-site SMTP mail server. For example: 163.com, sina.com, qq.com, to Gmail.com, yahoo.com, sohu.com, etc.; Note: sina.com qq.com we should start with a Web page into the mailbox, open smtp settings.


25、ShopBest open shop Baidu, Google search engine can be included.?

A: It is easy to be included, The ShopBest will provide a detailed and comprehensive SEO solutions to achieve your specific to each product detail page, and each level product directory SEO: Meta description tag, Meta keyword tags, page title . Your shop pages more easily indexed by search engines.


26、We are very focused on the promotion of the shop, I ask the ShopBest in this regard give us?

A: our company a comprehensive search engine optimization for ShopBest Mall system, enabling the customer site to get a good ranking by the search engines to crawl. Greatly improve the effect of network promotion, and save an enormous amount of network promotion costs for businesses. Meanwhile, we also provide value-added extension services such as Google, Baidu.


27、How to log on to the website on the major search engines?

答:Here is a major portal search engine free landing entrance address, click into the address list


28、Domain name registered where? Registered domain name to pay attention to what issues?

A: The domain name registration where not very important, as long as the reputation of the service provider, service, professional on it, but the following questions to considerate:


(1)Clear the owner of the domain name, which is the the shop safety certification first step must ensure that the domain name and the owner is the same natural or legal person;


(2)Service providers must ensure that you are free to transfer out your domain;


(3) Independent domain management background interface and easy-to-use;


(4) Renewals remind timely;


(5)Renewals convenient, best support online payment;


(6)The service is better, at least online question-and-answer post system.


29、Which resources are required to open an independent store?

A: Technically speaking the mall system does not require the shopkeeper high software technology, skilled use of the computer Internet can be. To run a shop with a physical stores, you need all the inventory management needs brand need quality, in need of services.


30、My website ICP record it ?

A: The website for the record is divided into two kinds of operating and non-operating business website to apply for the the operating sites ICP certificate (the registered capital of at least 1 million companies registered time of 40-60 days, costs 2,780 yuan) non-operating go to the Web site for the record: http://www.miibeian.gov.cn website registration, then follow the prompts to install the certificate and ICP for the record number can, free of charge, all sites must apply for ICP record time about 2 days, the application will normally be by , the process is very simple.


31、You shop system open source?

A: The ShopBest code is only open to the user to ensure that the customer's unique interests. For ordinary ShopBest customers, you can open the the foreground code and database, modify the template online, view and modify the template code, client-layer code and display layer source code for senior ShopBest customers, after the signing of the confidentiality agreement, can obtain a copy of the ShopBest full source code, the program and the site hosted by the customers themselves, need to pay a fee.


32、The source code of your products to us? We want to be on your own server.

A: Yes, just signed a confidentiality agreement and pay a fee. Course, ShopBest is to provide customers with one-stop service, you do not have to provide for the shop server, we are happy to serve you.


33、Before purchase ShopBest shop trial what ?

A: Yes. For more information about the trial, please contact the company to obtain Micronet. Trial on this page: http://Shop.Micronet.com.cn


34、Why not find your admin interface demo site entrance it ?

A: Admin interface need to inform your account number and password, and contact our company, such as the background of the need to introduce you to the features. Background can now be accessed through this page:http://Shop.Micronet.com.cn/Backstage/


35、My shop can send up to the number of products it?



36、ShopBest online store specific operating technical requirements?

A: The day-to-day management of the site is no technical requirements, ShopBest is a simple and practical management interface management. Modifying the more advanced features, such as: the template code changes need programmers to modify.


37、The promotion is an important means your software is how to achieve a variety of promotional sales?

A: our system has built-in a variety of promotional rules, covering all promotional tools by these rules businesses can easily develop a form of promotion.


38、ShopBest shop system supports a number of languages ​​and currencies?

A: ShopBest shop system supports multi-language and multi-currency units.

Technical Questions

1、Installation the ShopBest need what kind of environment settings?

A: Operating System: Windows (support for Windows NT (2000/2003) operating system WEB server: IIS 6.0 or more databases: SQL Server 2005.NET version: NET Framework 2.0 Program Support: ASP.NET 2.0 (C # language)


2、"Service Unavailable" reasons website?

A: have because the strategy of the 2003 application pool problem, if a user's work process recycling failure will stop the user's application pool, there will be a Service Unavailable. Well as non-standard design and some user program lead if there is no resource recovery program design.


3、HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to server configuration?

A: The need to configure different authentication (usually anonymous identity authentication, this authentication method used by most sites). Authentication option in IIS Properties -> Security -> Authentication and access control configuration.


4、Configuring the Asp.net site ISS quoted: Server Application Unavailable?

A: re-register IIS, NET \ Framework \ v2.0.50727 in the aspnet_regiis.exe run it, to re-register. Net aspnet_regiis.exe uninstall aspnet_regiis.exe-iu reinstall


5、Appears: Compiler Error Message: CS0016: Could not write to output file?

A: Make sure that the Administrators and system system permissions for full control on the C drive letter c: \ WINDOWS \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework \ v1.1.4322 \ Temporary ASP.NET Files directory on additional users full privileges.


6, HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource?

A: Go to the Security tab of the folder, configure user permissions to give at least read permission. NTFS permissions are set here is no longer fed state


7、How to support 64-bit windows system?

A: See Microsoft's solution: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/894435/EN-US// should IIS and asp.net conversion to 32 wow64 compatible mode


8、HTTP 500 - Internal server error ?

A: If there AD, select Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> the Active Directory user and computer. Set a password for IWAM account. Run c: \ Inetpub \ AdminScripts> the adsutil SET w3svc/WAMUserPass password synchronization IIS Metabase database password run cscript c: \ inetpub \ adminscripts \ synciwam.vbs-v sync IWAM account password in the COM application


9、HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client is rejected?

A: IIS attributes -> Security -> IP address and domain name restrictions. If you want to restrict access to certain IP addresses, you need to select the authorized access point to to add choose not to allow the IP address. Otherwise can only allow access to certain IP addresses.


10、Correctly after you install the NET program still can not run?

A:. NET program should be independent of each can not be nested run, that is not a net program on another NET program directory, so the root web.config file reads confusion, not read web.config under the current directory.


11、Displays "configuration error" × × × be rejected, or "Configuration Error" Access is denied: × × ×?

A: (1) Start - Administrative Tools - Computer Management the (Win2003 position, similar to other operating systems) to open the Computer Management


(2)Expand "Services and Applications" node in the left side of the Computer Management tree, expand the Indexing Service node in its next, and then expand the "System" at its next node, expand the directory at its next node.


(3)We can see the right side of the Computer Management configure the Indexing Service catalog.


(4)Directory node, right-click the mouse, select "New" - "directory"


(5)"Add Directory" dialog box, passing input box the ASP.net temporary files directory. The default should be: c: \ \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework \ \ Temporary ASP.NET Files directory. Means you have to deal with. Net version.


(6)"Included in the index it " Option, select "No"


(7)Click the "OK" button


(8)Right-click on the "Indexing Service node restart indexing service can be.


12、"Server Application Unavailable" or "service program is not available" information?

A:. Net1.1 and 2.0 versions installed at the same time, but no separate application pool, leading to conflict with runtime. Just create a new application pool, site attributes at the network disk pool can be avoided by switching to this new program. 1.1 or 2.0 or disable a web service extensions.


13, Browse ASPX Pages or ASP page "can not find the page"?

A: your IIS does not support aspx and asp is not installed or has been disabled, and installation. Net or web extensions allow net and asp.


14、HTML editor, the HTML syntax security?

A: We offer a WYSIWYG HTML editor, and through it, even if you do not know HTML syntax is the same can be done most of the HTML, such as selecting fonts, insert tables, pictures, and paragraph alignment. "HTML editor" interface and text editing software such as Word / Wps similar operation is fairly simple, as long as you have IE can directly edit the professionals can be crafted web page. Some professionals will ask: direct input HTML is not very dangerous Yes, if you enter HTML directly indeed make some skilled hacker as a vulnerability and damage to the site / visitor's browser. HTML code special editor to ensure that malicious code can not be input, less likely to enter the program, so you can rest assured that use.

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