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The development of ShopBest

ShopBestShop mall system by Micronet piconet nearly experienced R & D team, which lasted five years carefully crafted, professional functionality, leading-edge technology, and the rapid value of won over 100,000 customers choice.


ShopBest for enterprises to build a powerful online sales platform products for sale online, establish a brand image; while safeguarding the safety of mall operators, provide with existing enterprise systems integration docking, Intelligent Data Analysis Services. Is the best shop mall system.

Scope of application

ShopBest FitAll walks of life!

Such as clothing, underwear, sweaters, dresses, jewelry, crafts, ceramics, electronics, home appliances, digital, food, gifts, shoes, beaded, silk flowers, flowers, stationery, toys, mold, automotive and other industries. From physical products to virtual products from industry professionals to department stores, from domestic to foreign trade, and all of them can use the powerful the ShopBest shop mall system.

Product 10 feature
Front interface
1、Beautiful interface design: easy and convenient shopping experience from unique personalized page designed to simplify the interface design, let your customers enjoy a perfect shopping experience, allowing you to win more orders!
2、Science shop architecture: a scientific and reasonable structure design, in line with the customer network applications habit, easier to use, more convenient to let your customers.
3、The Comprehensive Product: detailed merchandise information display prompt customers to fully understand your products, reduce the cost of customer buying time, improve customer trust, to provide a better shopping experience.
4、Quick-induced demand: to arouse the customer's consumption demand, fast through a variety of promotions to stimulate the visitor's shopping desire to boost sales, generate more repeat business.
5、Free registration quick purchase: Free registration orders quickly, quickly complete the shopping process in Step 3, secure payment, and to bring more orders.
6、Thoughtful members caring member of the center: shopping details, order follow-up tracking, online recharge, account inquiries log and member information management services, so customers have more trust.
7、Multi-platform sharing of feelings: shopping at any time after the comment, multi-community web portal, convenient to share the shopping experience for customers publicity for your secondary.
Backstage Manage
1、Autonomous Admin: easily manage shop from intelligent management system, operational information at your fingertips, Mall Management I call the shots!
2、Tap checking the fast setup interface: front interface fonts, gently point, check the settings of your personalized front interface.
3、Easily show the best sellers: automatic generation of the product list, the foreground part custom function as well as switch settings, easily set up a hot product, boutique merchandise entry steps are simple and quick glance.
4、Order processing assembly-line: the first time, a pop-up window to remind orders generated goods orders, exchange orders, buy orders are managed separately, comes order printing capabilities to improve the delivery rate.
5、The Member Management handy: Member registration information is automatically saved, membership levels set to View Member Comments View Replies online message; powerful mass mailing system, the second promotion money worry.
6、Order set by the administrator: administrator rights and responsibilities of each layer background is clear, different administrators have different permissions, you can effectively promote the employees of the division of refinement, more effective way to avoid the disclosure of confidential information.
Operation and maintenance of security
1、A variety of payment options: Paypal, quick money, Paypal, CUP mainstream online payment interface, as well as all major online banking access.
2、System expansion features: personalized template design, with the secondary development of existing internal systems integration system, the mobile Internet phone WEB version, support Iphone & Android & windows phone.
3、Shop support: free video tutorials, regular training, presented open-annual guidebook, learning mall business easier, saving time, effort, and money.
4、State-of-the-art technology: the operational across Telecom, China Unicom, Education Network to ensure that the North-South exchange and accessibility; the intelligent server cluster deployment, to ensure that the the spike other extreme is browsing Mall stable downtime.
5、Weather service: 7 * 24 hours a day hotline on standby, the first time the corresponding accepting solve problems for you in a timely manner.
6、Backup and security: smart firewall, disaster recovery, data security, the site for the record supports hot standby instant recovery, the a distributed mirror server (inside and outside) CDN accelerated.
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